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*Please include a picture of the entire item(s). If the damaged area isn't visible in main picture, also include a close-up picture of the damaged area. We will require a picture of the box that the damaged item came in and please be sure to keep the box until your claim is finalized. If you are missing a cushion cover please take a picture of the entire item and indicate which cushion is missing the cover.
You must submit all the required pictures for your claim to be processed. To expedite your claims, please insert as many images as possible. [Max 8 MB allowed]
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Our warranty is extended through our retail partners. For warranty service, contact the TK Classics retailer from whom you purchased the product. Your retailer will require the proof of purchase receipt including the date of purchase. They will also request that you provide photographs of the product to submit to TK Classics. We will work through our retail partner to assure you, the consumer, the highest level of customer satisfaction and support.